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Planning Commission
Meeting Minutes

January 22, 2013 

Planning Director Scott Dellett called to order the Tuesday, January 22, 2013 meeting of the Gettysburg Borough Planning Commission at 7:00 p.m. at the Borough Building, 59 East High Street. Those in attendance were: Commission members Sarah Kipp, Tom Kellam, Rad Schultz, Dominic Picarelli and Wayne Mayers; Scott Dellett, Borough Planning Director, Chad Clabaugh, C. S. Davidson, Borough Engineer, and Merry Bush, Borough Planning Technician.

Others in attendance were: Shirley Sistrunk, owner, and Mark Kuntz, surveyor, representing 143 W. High Street.


Scott Dellett called for nominations for chairman. Tom Kellam nominated Rad Schultz with Wayne Mayers seconding. There were no additional nominations. Rad Schultz will serve as the chairman.

Tom Kellam nominated Wayne Mayers for the position of vice chairman. Sarah Kipp seconded. There were no further nominations. Wayne Mayers will serve as vice chairman.
Dominic Picarelli nominated Tom Kellam for the position of secretary. Wayne Mayers seconded. There were no further nominations. Tom Kellam will serve as secretary.
Agenda and Minutes

There were no changes to the agenda Dominic Picarelli moved to approve the December 17, 2012 minutes as written. Wayne Mayers seconded and the motion carried.  
Tabled Applications

A. SLD-12-09 Shirley E. Sistrunk, 143 West High Street, Minor Subdivision/Lot Line Adjustment/Lot Consolidation

Applicant requests approval to consolidate and adjust the lot lines of existing parcels totaling ± 0.379 acres into two lots. Revised drawings were submitted prior to the meeting. The parcels are located on West High Street in the OT Old Town, Streetscape Enhancement Overlay, Elm Street Overlay and Historic districts.

Mark Kuntz, the applicant’s surveyor, reviewed the Borough engineer’s January 18, 2013 comments with the Board. In particular, he questioned the second item referring to property markers. Chad Clabaugh agreed that it was not necessary to require financial security for such a small issue and indicated that the markers could be set after the Planning Commission gave its approval but before the plans are signed for recording. The applicant agreed to this stipulation.

Although not written in the comments, Mr. Clabaugh asked that the line weights on the drawings be changed. All exterior lot lines should be bold and interior lines be thin lines like those used to identify the existing tracks. Mark Kuntz agreed to make the change.

The Planning Department memorandum recommends adding a plan note: 

Lots 1 and 2 created by this Plan are under single ownership. Neither Lot 1 nor Lot 2 shall be sold, retained, transferred or conveyed into separate ownership without appropriate parking being provided for the uses on Lot 1 and 2 consistent with parking regulations contained in the Ordinances of the Borough of Gettysburg in effect at that time.

There was discussion as to the need for the note since the two lots were pre-existing and only the lot lines were being adjusted. The owner said that currently residents of both lots park on the street.

In the end the members agreed to make the addition of the note a condition for approval. Tom Kellam moved to approve the minor subdivision plan for 143 W. High Street with the following conditions:

  • Compliance with engineer’s letters dated December 13, 2012 and January 18, 2013.
    Addition of the plan note regarding parking.

  • Changing the line weight for lines located inside the parcel. Those lines should be light while bold lines should be used for the perimeter of each parcel.

  • The Corner Monument shall be set before the plans can be signed and recorded.

Wayne Mayers seconded the motion, which passed 5 to 0.

Other Business

Scott Dellett reported that Borough Council adopted the zoning ordinance amendment regarding the dimensions of parking spaces.

In regard to updating the Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (SALDO), Mr. Dellett will ask that Borough Council direct the Planning Commission to review the ordinance. He will bring it up at the Solicitor’s Advisory Committee on Ordinances. Most of the work has been completed but it would be good to review the entire ordinance. In addition, portions of the zoning ordinance need to be updated.

The Borough and Cumberland Township are continuing discussions regarding a joint comprehensive plan. Staff from the Adams County Office of Planning and Development will make a presentation at the Community Development Committee meeting on January 23.
Tom Kellam asked the status of proposed changes to the Health Care District. Scott Dellett said it was now in the hands of Council.

There being no additional business to come before the Board the meeting was adjourned at 7:33 p.m.